Shit about Jay Park..

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Dragon Ball Z’s Fusion? 2PM NEPA STYLE? keukeukeu

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WGM Global TaecGui Ep.11 | WooHo’s Random Engrish!!!

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Khunniya Khunniya ~ ~ ~

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prerecording Love request

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“this is the main point of our choreography”

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“I suddenly lost my father a year ago. When my father became unwell, he went to the hospital without saying anything to us (his sons), he just told my mother about it. I remember the times I played soccer with him and he would take me to a spa every weekend. My dad kicking and snatching the ball is my most memorable moment. I don’t have a memory of even drinking a cup of alcohol together with my father after the age of 20. Having no memory with my father always makes my heart ache in itself. So, I really wonder why I was able to work on filming with a smile even though my heart almost burst with grief.

When I rushed to the funeral home after hearing of his death, I didn’t cry. I couldn’t accept it. All the members came to (the funeral home) hearing the news. And I suddenly… No sooner than when the members saw me did they burst into tears while hugging me. At that moment, the tears suddenly came to my eyes. This showed that they’re indeed family to me. I really appreciate all of them. The only thing I thought was that I have my mom and my little brother. I have to watch over them no matter what. I’ll firmly protect my family.” — Jun. K, on his father’s passing (x)

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2PM Grown Full Album

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Jay responding to the critics on his After Earth teaser on YouTube just now.

haha I love this boy.

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credit @TKJiJaR

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GR♂WN (YAOI ver.) feat Khunyoung

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2PM | Grown (Trailer)

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My bias ladies & gentlemen.


My bias ladies & gentlemen.

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